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© Wes Gow

June 13, 2016

I grew up about an hour south of Orlando, FL, in a two-stoplight-town outside of Tampa.  With its theme parks and tourist attractions, I always knew O-Town to be a place of happiness, of magic, a family picture photobombed by any number of fairies, princesses, or famous mice.  (That haunted mansion ride scared the pixie dust outta me, though).

So it’s a big drag to see Orlando making international headlines for all the wrong reasons.

But coming in very close at the bottom of the bummer bucket are the seedy politics lurking behind why it happened, followed by the endless division as to how to move the damn ball toward the end zone of a safe(er) future.

I grew up a child of the 80’s, when baseball pants were high and tight and men’s basketball shorts were unforgivable.  And while no era is without conflict, there’s no question that I’m now raising kids in a far more dangerous, corrupt, and divided nation.

I’m not even gonna begin to weigh in on the senseless debates and lines in the sand, but for whatever it’s worth (and it ain’t much), I figured I may as well plant my flag of Team Peace (or Reason, or Humanity) on my own small plot of digital dirt.

My heart breaks for you, Orlando.

And for you too, Earth.