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Organizational Development


[Check out an article I shared with Huffington Post on this topic!]

Organizational development has blossomed into a strong passion of mine, somewhat unknowingly.  Without realizing it for many years, I found myself gravitating towards opportunities to bring vision and structure to chaos, efficiency and clarity to ambiguity, and strategic momentum to areas of plateau.  This discovery came alongside a season of introspection and my own personal development.

Anchor Church in Virginia Beach is an organization that I had the pleasure of serving for three years, and I was able to do so by creating and implementing systems and processes which strengthened overall organizational health, clarity, and development.  My largest area of influence involved overseeing all of our volunteer teams, and my aim was to:  1) bring unique vision and purpose to each team, 2) appoint and develop leaders for each team, and 3) establish cultural rhythms to care for the leaders and their team members.

I set about accomplishing this by first creating clear Leadership Roles & Responsibilities, which I presented in a round table discussion to our leaders.  Then, in collaboration with each leader, I created a unique vision/purpose document for each team that served as something of a rallying cry for the volunteers on that team (see below).

You’ll see that each document has a second page entitled “Story Board.”  The final component of my campaign was to assist the leaders by bolstering the assimilation process of new volunteers onto our various teams.  Thus, in addition to vision/purpose documents for the leaders, I created a unique welcome video for each team.  Every time a new volunteer was added to a team, they would receive two short videos:  the first would welcome them and introduce them to our cultural expectations for serving and the resources we utilized; the second would introduce them to the specific vision/purpose of the team on which they were serving.

Obviously, you’ll see that these videos are low budget (meaning NO budget!), but this was a fun project for me and served Anchor Church very well.

In addition to providing structure and clarity to our leaders and volunteers, I also collaborated with the senior pastor to develop higher altitude resources of influence such as Anchor Church Organizational Plumb Lines as well as an Events Pre-and-Post-Mortem Review, both of which served to foster guidance and structure to our staff and our teams.

Finally, below are just a few of the resources that have shaped my perspective and personal care for all things related to organizational development!