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Personal Development


I’m an avid consumer of personal development! However, I do believe you’ve got to be careful in how you approach these resources. First, discovering more about yourself isn’t always pretty. Be open and receptive.  Second, all of these metrics and algorithms are in some ways catching only a snapshot of a moving target:  not every word of these reviews is 100% true of you at all times for your entire life. Finally, I doubt anything from this reservoir is going to serve as some kind of golden ticket of opportunity. But if you take these assessments as tools that you can use to better yourself and those around you, then I’d highly recommend the following as they’ve been extremely helpful for me!

Personality Type:  Both of the assessments below are really strong resources; they each provide good feedback and they’re also free (with additional info at a charge).  I took them both about 18 months apart and came out ISTJ for KT-test (twice) and ISFJ for 16personalities.  (Personally, I believe I’m more of an ISTJ).  I’ll attach the feedback for my type(s) below:

Spiritual Gifts:  This isn’t going to apply to everyone, but I’m going to include it here for a few reasons.  First, I spent many years working in the church industry, and feedback like this is a part of who I am.  Second, despite its implication to religious contexts, much of the feedback is applicable to the market place as well.  Here’s the test, and here’s a summary of my top three scores:

Predictable Success:  This is a resource spawned from a few very interesting reads:  Predictable Success and The Synergist.  The website has a lot of free resources, and the quiz is short, thorough, and free!  Author Les McKeown outlines 4 basic leadership profiles:  Visionary, Processor, Operator, and Synergist.  Here’s the breakdown of my own personal profile in order of their highest scores on the test:

StrengthsFinder:  We’re getting into the paid tests now, but I’ve included them because they’re well worth the investment.  StrengthsFinder is an especially deep resource, and I’d highly recommend getting the full version of the book to not only learn more about yourself, but how to lead and complement other strengths on your team or in your home.  The test will deliver your top 5 strengths.  Check out the description of my top 5 to get an idea of the nature of the intel you could learn about yourself!

DiSC Personality Profile:  This assessment offers the highest paid bracket, the $48.50 personal “Full Shabang” (group and bulk profiles are more expensive).  I discovered this resource in the book 48 Days to the Work You Love, a motivating and enlightening read.  Fifty bucks may sound like a lot for a personal development test, but this particular assessment is fantastic and well worth it in my opinion.  You’ll get over 30 pages of content specific to your leadership and operational styles!  Check out this summary of my personal profile, the Contemplator Style.