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Autumn Ashes

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Autumn Ashes

The fourth track off the debut album, Thief & Lovethis is one of my prouder poetic moments:)  I wrote this song in the fall of 2008.  My wife and I moved to Pennsylvania that summer from Virginia for her education.  She was leaving the apartment every day to a wonderful internship, while I self-imploded at home:  out of work and out of my mind, (but not for lack of trying).  This was the height (or depth) of the economic downturn.  I was enrolled in three different temp agencies and still had to resort to substitute teaching (which is like court-ordered punishment).

The line in the bridge that reads, “Tomorrow you know it’s gonna be October, and these loans won’t pay my bills forever,” was all too true.  We were struggling financially and emotionally.  By the time I had written this I had personally come to terms with our situation, but my wife sobbed the first time she heard the demo.

The last verse was my last attempt at faith, following the metaphor that much like the colors will return to nature in due time, so will this season of life pass.

Larry “the Legend” Berwald was gracious enough to add some slinky lap steel to this track!

Autumn Ashes
© Wes Gow

Soon the trees will paint their fingertips
And lay their colors at our feet
Change is coming on the breeze.

The sun sets sooner in the west
And rises early in the east
The clocks make their retreat.

The autumn leaves—a painted desert   
If you come inside my smoke and mirrors   
You’d find only ashes on the inside.   

New streets and stamps and driver’s license
The only thing that seems consistent
Is the one thing I wish I could change.

These days I feel like Cain and Abel
Another five minutes and I’m more than liable
To be the other one from now.

God, I’ve got my questions, I know your answer   
A season only too familiar   
Tomorrow you know it’s gonna be October 
And these loans won’t pay my bills forever   
And I need faith before the winter.   

Soon the trees will paint their fingertips
And lay their colors at our feet
But I know they’ll be back next spring.