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The Outcome

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The Outcome

The sixth track off the debut album, Thief & Love, Outcome was a significant step in a different direction in regards to my songwriting.  Much of my original material leading up to this point was fairly heavy content, if not in subject matter then in sheer breadth of verses and choruses (see Chet and Cure!).  But this song was thankful fairly effortless, like the sigh after a long day.  And that’s how I felt emotionally at the time.  I was worn out for many different reasons, and probably just beginning to enter a season of transition.  The first verse surprised even me, especially the line about not sleeping without assistance, but it was true.  That’s where I was and it wasn’t pretty.  I’m the kind of person who wants answers and a full 360 degree understanding of what’s going on and why, and sometimes in life (many times?) you’re just not afforded that kind of information.  You’ve got to move forward with only the confidence of what your gut is telling you, what you can no longer ignore.

Previously, I would’ve never let Outcome exist as only two verses and a chorus, but it was a good exercise for me and I really didn’t have the mental margin at the time to make into anything else anyway.  That said, it’s a standout song on the album for me and one that’s a blast to play live!


The Outcome
© Wes Gow

These days I don’t hear much conversation
These days I don’t get far beyond the questions
These days I don’t sleep without assistance
I’ve executed all my expectations

Suppose you gotta let go sometime
Suppose you gotta take aim and let fly
You can damn the outcome and ride

Gather all your dreams in a container
Leave room for your hopes and all your prayers
Close the lid and keep them all together
Then listen close for which ones kill the other